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My Current Project. . .

I always have a project of my own design/object/material. More often than not, it's a project that I work on while at a show so people can see me working and get an idea how scrimshaw is done. Therefore it takes longer for it to be completed. When I am at home I work on custom orders that take priority.


My current project is on a piece of a cape buffalo boss. The boss is part of the horn at the top of the head. It's the first cape buffalo material I had to scrim, so I figured it has to have a cape buffalo on it. It will all be in full color and for sale when it is finished. I have not figured out what the cost will be yet but when I do I will list it here.

This piece is hard to photograph because of the curve and the polished surface. Getting the lighting right is a challenge for sure.

In progress scrim of bird with cape buffalo on part of a cape buffalo boss.
In progress close up of bird on cape buffalo bos
Cape buffalo part on the scrim on part of a cape buffalo boss.
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